The HESCO® MIL™ UNIT is the original earth-filled concertainer™ product globally renowned as the ultimate surface-mounted force protection barrier system. Our MIL Defensive Barriers secure essential utilities and safeguard critical assets.  

We engineer products that inspire confidence in military, security, and environmental applications. We are proven industry leaders in the defense and protection of people and assets. Engineered specifically for rapid deployment creating limitless defensive structures anywhere, anytime.


HESCO Ballistic Resistant Armor, providing military-grade protection. HESCO Body Armor is engineered to exceed the rigorous National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standards.

HESCO BALLISTIC INSERTS are manufactured to the highest quality standards at our state of the art facility in Aberdeen, Washington, USA.We specialize in the research, engineering, design, production and fulfilment of body armor solutions, using only the finest materials available, so you can rely on the performance you expect when it counts most. 

Tests are conducted at world-class laboratories under the most stringent protocols to ensure your armor provides complete protection.

Border Control

The Ministry of the Interior, Slovakia, sought a solution that would enable the rapid deployment of a clear demarcation line along the border, to act as a deterrent and to curb the influx of migration across Slovakian borders.